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The Harlem Bee is one of several properties and brands built on a technology platform created and maintained by The Harlem Bee Media Group.  From this framework, we are able to offer to any other businesses a menu of services where they can leverage our existing platform to power, enhance, develop or manage their own web properties.  Listed below are the white-label services that we provide:

Website Design

Nowadays, a great website can make the difference between gaining or losing a customer or fan. Website design has the potential to make a customer add your product to their cart, a far away visitor subscribe to your blog or an interested fan to subscribe to your newsletter, all verified means to generate leads, sales, brand awareness and publicity for what you have to offer. This is why we absolutely love creating great websites that leave a lasting impression. We’re passionate about creating websites that really work for you.

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Digital Strategy

Have a unique idea and are convinced it is the perfect opportunity for you? Now what? How to you translate that concept into a working and/or profitable web experience? Leave it to us. Our team of experts (in design, coding, development, seo, business strategy) can put together a complete digital strategy that meets your budget, your goals and connects you to your targeted audience across multiple digital channels. Our multi-disciplinary skills include social media, channel optimization, web platform choices and result-focus strategy. All the tools to turn your idea into an actual digital entity.

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Web Development

We offer a full-stack web service, from server provisioning, hosting setup, website design, back and front-end development, integration and maintenance. We are equally expert at building web-based solutions ranging from e-commerce through blogs, single page portfolio sites and full multimedia delivery platforms.

Online Content

Got a website but can’t find the time or inspiration to go beyond the ‘About’ page? Having a creativity block or distraction and need to continue delivering focused content to your audience? Our writers will be your new best friends. They’ll research your brand’s ideal keywords, analyze your traffic analytics and populate your website with thoughtful, well-written, on-topic, SEO-friendly digital copy.

We are thrilled to leverage our expertise in technology and content curation to help your web venture thrive and be successful.  We offer special discount and partnership opportunities to businesses and individuals located or residing in Harlem, New York.  For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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