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Definition of POLLINATION /ˌpäləˈnāSH(ə)n / :  transfer of pollen to a flower to allow fertilization.

I’m just gonna say it:

It’s hot – not business “hot” – but remember to GET YOUR WAX ON!

Experimenting with technology is what we do, providing for participation (living) and contribution to the Harlem scene. With that in mind, we really want to invite you to Experiment that WAX or meander in that SHOP.  These are the first TWO. Sample as much as you want, experiment, and let us know how we can do better. || Hot deals currently still available: 25% discount to the SHOP for any new mailing list subscriber and FREE one-year membership subscription to our fresh new digital magazine. || You can also be one of our first sponsors! Prime advertisement/sponsorship formats in the works. Take a peek at what’s being carved…


Definition of POLLINATION /ˌpäləˈnāSH(ə)n / :  transfer of pollen to a flower to allow fertilization.

WAX – The Digital Magazine of The Harlem Bee is officially live in beta right now for you to fully experience. Access our magazine by clicking on one of the articles below, clicking on “WAX” in the main menu or here.
We’ve worked hard to launch our locally-sourced magazine, pushing the envelope in multimedia content and variety, focusing on global issues that affect our community and represent the views of a multi-ethnic and multicultural Harlem.
Sometime in the near future, WAX will become a subscription-based publication. We’ll always feature fresh new content for free for you to enjoy without restriction. However, the WAX archives and additional features/content will be available only to our subscribers.
We’ve always promised to bring you free lifestyle buzz and news from Harlem and in keeping with that promise, we are offering FREE one-year subscription to WAX during our beta period. Take advantage of this offer and register now to ensure that you continue to enjoy WAX in its fullest.

Visit WAX now for more details.